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advanced dentistry
Advanced Dentures - Michael King

Advanced Dentures

We are delighted to have the services of Michael King at Spedding Dental Clinic for the provision of our advanced dentures. Michael is the one of very few dentists in the UK to have completed the training for Swiss Denture Concept, the world leading denture manufacturing course. He also offers the excellent Ivoclar BPS dentures.

Implant Supported Dentures

The ultimate solution for a loose denture is to stabilise it with implants; this provides the best possible eating function and stability for your denture. Dental implants were invented 40 years ago specifically to stabilise loose lower dentures, and much research over the years has proven that patient satisfaction with implant supported dentures is significantly greater than with gum supported dentures.

The combined implant and denture work at Spedding Dental Clinic is carried out jointly by Michael and Jack, who are available to discuss implant or denture work at any time.

Please email us, or call the practice on 01228 521889 to make an appointment for a denture or implant consultation with Michael or Jack.