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Complex Root Treatments
Complex Root Treatments - Paul Rowlands

Complex Root Treatments

Root Treatments are among the most difficult procedures carried out in general practice, and we are very lucky to have Paul Rowlands at Spedding Dental Clinic to take on our complex root canal cases. The technology and training relating to root treatments has improved massively in recent times, and Paul has all the tools required to obtain excellent results.

He has a Diploma in Endodontics, which takes two years to achieve, an endodontic microscope to show the finest detail of the interior anatomy of the tooth, as well as all the most up to date equipment for sterilising and filling the root canal. Paul can also carry out root repairs, re-treatment of failed root fillings, and nerve preservation procedures to help avoid root fillings in borderline cases.

Paul is a frequent and much sought after speaker at postgraduate training events; his relaxed style and engaging manner ensure his presentations are always well received.

To contact Paul about any issue relating to root canal therapy please call the practice on 01228 521889 or send him an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..