New Technology and our CT Scanner

New Technology and our CT Scanner

Its been a busy and exciting start for the team here at Spedding Dental Clinic. We’re always striving to utilise the latest techniques and technologies to make our work efficient, safe and as comfortable as possible for all our patients – by installing  a CT scanner here in the Practice, we are keeping abreast of all the latest developments in implant dentistry.

Dental scanners here in Carlisle

Here at Spedding Dental Clinic, we love utilising state of the art technology and one such piece of equipment is our brand new CT scanner unique in a Dental Practice.

In each of our 5 surgeries, we have already installed digital X-ray imaging equipment making taking X-rays (radiographs) safe and easy to use. The CT scanner complements the digital imaging and has its very own room within the practice which enables our dentists to deliver high quality treatment in a safe environment.

What is a CT scan?


A CT scan is a Computerised Tomography scan. Which is a type of  X-ray that takes detailed pictures of parts of the body. The scanner sends out X-ray beams from different angles at the same time to capture the images in a 3D, in a more detailed way.

CT scans produce high quality detailed digital images that show the inside of your mouth or bone structure. CT imaging is considered one of the best and fastest tools for examining the body because it can provide cross-sectional views of your mouth with highly detailed images reducing the need for multiple X-rays.

This new system allows us to concentrate solely on where we’re positioning the implant during surgery, which simplifies the process and improves our ability to place the implant accurately and safely.

Correct placement of a dental implant helps us make the finished implants look as natural as possible alongside your existing natural teeth. The angle of the implant placement is vital to enable it to function just like a natural tooth.

We are proud to be working with Dentsply Sirona, globally, one of the worlds leading dental manufactures. Not only are they a forward-thinking company with an excellent support network in place, their technical support allows us to utilise there implant system with confidence.

Nuts about our new scanner!

We are absolutely nuts about our new CT scanner, bear with me and I’ll explain why nuts is the most appropriate word to use!

3D imaging is a fantastic diagnostic tool available here at the practice. It is an additional diagnostic service and will be central to our goal of improving the quality of the treatments we offer by reducing radiation levels to patients.

Patients often, and rightly so, ask about the radiation risks of x-ray imaging. We are exposed to radiation every day, mainly from the sun and earth, this is referred to as background radiation. However, there are other, quite surprising, sources of radiation, one of which is Brazil nuts; who would have thought it?


The table below illustrates the radiation risk of various medical and dental x-rays including sources of background radiation such as food and flying.


Radiation dose (microSv)

Small x-ray


100g Brazil nuts


Flying to the USA


3D CT scan of jaws


One year of background radiation


3D CT scan of chest


3D CT scan of spine


You can see above, a small dental x-ray is 3 x less harmful than a box of Brazil nuts and 16 x less than a transatlantic flight!

A CT scan of your jaws, the largest dose in a dental practice, carries 30-50 times less radiation than a hospital scan.

Find out more about Dental Implants on our Dental Implants page or book an appointment to see us by calling 01228 521889 to speak with one of the team.


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